Baris Cinar – Part I Architectural Assistant

BarisHaving studied in Sheffield and hailing from London, Baris is a Part-I architectural assistant at ATTOL Architecture. An affinity for maths and a love of all things artistic eventually led him to the career path of an architect, wherein he hopes one day to design beautiful public buildings, and to help provide solutions some of society’s increasingly complex problems.He is particularly interested in Edo-period architecture, and the principles of biomimicry; with which he developed a fascination during his architectural studies. He blames his interest in these subjects on Anime, and David Attenborough, respectively.

Baris has an eclectic experience of design, ranging from luxury yacht interiors, to architecture, to graphic design. He has also done some tutoring in mathematics, which he hopes to build upon to help him perhaps one day become a lecturer in architecture.

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